About us

Exec Team

TIGTech is an innovative civil society - business partnership. It is, in itself, an embodiment of our conviction that through shared values, a common purpose and respectful interactions we can better achieve successful multi-stakeholder collaboration, in emerging tech and beyond.

Our diverse backgrounds, complementary skills and commitment to the sound and appropriate governance of the technologies of the ‘4th Industrial Revolution’ come together in this new initiative to explore how to design tech governance which has a solid chance of earning societal and political trust.


Conrad von Kameke

  • 20+ years of experience developing collaborative, innovative and agile governance solutions for low-trust / high-concern fields of technology policy, legislation, and administration at national, regional & UN levels.

  • Extensive industry experience in political strategy, regulatory procedures, and stakeholder interaction enabling the commercial market introduction of innovative products by global technology leaders. 

  • Initiated decade-long dialogue with insurers and re-insurers on insurability of biotechnology and related governance design. Developed alternative compensation mechanisms operational today at both national and UN levels.

  • Legal doctorate on the European Union’s governance over the deliberate release of genetically modified organisms into the environment.

  • Member of the World Economic Forum Global Future Council (2016-present). Active in WEF global multi-stakeholder Biotech Dialogue (2016-present).

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Hilary Sutcliffe

  • Focus on governance, ethics & stakeholder involvement across technologies

  • Involved in public and stakeholder dialogue strategy or delivery on nanotech (x3), quantum tech, robotics & social care, AI, industrial biotech, synthetic biology & gene editing, food irradiation, high tech food innovation

  • Development & delivery of multi-stakeholder initiatives - eg Responsible Nano Code; Principles for Responsible Innovation; Foresight Study on Introduction of new tech & its governance for business and academia.

  • Leader in ‘Responsible Research and Innovation’ development and process with companies and Universities and their research programmes.

  • Member, UK Synthetic Biology Governance Group; EAB project on ‘Anthropogenic Global Catastrophic Risk: The Challenge of Governance’ & EAB Project PRISMA integrating responsible innovation in tech businesses.

  • Co-chair of the World Economic Forum Global Future Council on Values, Ethics & Innovation (2018-present), Human Rights (2016-18) Global Agenda Council on Nanotechnology (2014-16). Active in WEF global multi-stakeholder Biotech Dialogue (2016-present)

  • Hilary is also Director of SocietyInside, a not-for-profit, exploring how companies of all types can earn societal trust in their development and use of emerging tech.