Earning Trust in

Technology Governance

Trust in governancE

Benefits, risks and public trust in technology innovations are usually the focus of political and societal attention. Almost entirely overlooked is the need for the governance of these technologies, in its own right, to be trustworthy and to earn trust.

The TIGTech initiative seeks to understand how governance may differ, and in what ways, if the trustworthiness of governance and the earning of societal trust is considered and systematically incorporated into governance design.

But trust is ultimately a feeling. One which is multi-faceted and often based on a complex mix of logic, perception, emotion and action.  And while lawmakers have consciously considered issues such as ‘consumer confidence’ when designing governance in the past, these approaches rarely took into consideration the underlying sociological or psychological dimensions of trust.  Embedding the latest understanding of the drivers of trust and distrust into the design of tech governance is a critical and distinctive aspect of our approach.

Principles for Earning Trust in Tech Governance

Our initial focus will be to understand the overarching drivers which underpin the trustworthiness of governance and ultimately its ability to earn societal trust. We will explore when and how these drivers manifest themselves in the governance design process and develop observations and practical recommendations to support governance designers as well as those executing governance across technology domains and geographies. These will then be piloted and validated with governance professionals and other key stakeholders, including citizens.

It is important to state that TIGTech is technology neutral and outcome agnostic. It is fundamentally not about inhibiting or facilitating the introduction of technologies into the market. TIGTech is about enabling the design of good governance that increases the chance of earning political and societal trust in that governance - regardless of whether, for example, risk management decisions under this governance result in unrestricted market access, market restrictions, or even prohibitions of a technology or its respective products.



With support from the World Economic Forum

Financial support from Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, Europe’s largest applied sciences organisation

Project co-delivery with Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research - ISI

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To know more, or if you are interesting in piloting the TIGTech Principles in a governance initiative please contact Conrad von Kameke on conrad@tigtech.org or Hilary Sutcliffe on hilary@societyinside.com